SHTF Survival

The First 10 Things to do During a SHTF Disaster

May 24, 2016,   has blogged 4  posts

There are plenty of disasters that people conjure up in their minds as having the potential to happen. Some individuals may have had previous experiences that set the tone for future preparation while others just ease on the side of caution. Regardless of which end you are on, most people are reactive during SHTF (Shit …

SHTF Foods to Hoard

What are the Best Food Items to Hoard for when the SHTF?

May 17, 2016,   has blogged 4  posts

If a catastrophic event occurs in your area, then it is important to have an assortment of foods stored to provide nourishment. Some of the events that require being prepared include: Economic Collapse Earthquake Flood Landslide Blizzard Tornado War There are two essentials that you and your family need for several days or perhaps months …

Preppers Checklist - SHTF Survival Gear

The Essential Preppers Checklist for Beginners

May 10, 2016,   has blogged 4  posts

Surviving a potentially world-ending scenario is on the back of a lot of people’s minds nowadays. It is not pleasant to think about, but you need to know what to do in such a situation. In this post, we will talk about the broad, basic preppers checklist for what you need to have to be …

Be Prepared When the SHTF

Better to be a Year Early than a Day too Late When the SHTF

April 21, 2016,   has blogged 4  posts

If you are reading this, then you are least curious about the potential for a dangerous breakdown in society, otherwise known as a When the SHTF scenario. It’s a real possibility, and the immense consequences from such an event demand serious preparation. In this post, we will discuss how to plan and what to look …