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SHTF – The Beginners Guide for Preppers

May 31, 2016,   has blogged 1  posts

Maybe you just finished watching the evening news and wonder what might happen tomorrow. Could it a terrorist attack on a major US city? Will solar weather take down the power grid? There are a myriad of bad things to ruin your day, week, month or year. The prepper community calls it SHTF, short for …

Be Prepared When the SHTF

Better to be a Year Early than a Day too Late When the SHTF

April 21, 2016,   has blogged 4  posts

If you are reading this, then you are least curious about the potential for a dangerous breakdown in society, otherwise known as a When the SHTF scenario. It’s a real possibility, and the immense consequences from such an event demand serious preparation. In this post, we will discuss how to plan and what to look …